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Polyurethane Ribbon flow

Date:2019-04-19 04:10:03 Views:1033

Ⅰ.Product Classification:

Polyurethane rotary casting (also called no mould casting), is a kind of new polyurethane elastomer casting process, which suitable for the process and shaping of all types of polyurethane rubber roller.


Ⅱ. Functions

1. Achieve the highest technical objects on basis on TDI, MDI elastomer.

2. Rubber roller of a variety of specifications and sizes can be produced without moulds, which saves investment.

3. Demoulding is not required, which reduces labor intensity, avoids the possibility of contamination of the roll core and improves the production efficiency.

4. Can be solidified at room temperature, and the solidification cycle is short. It can reduce energy consumption, improve the production efficiency.

5. Multilayer, complex rubber rollers of different rubber performance can be produced.

6. Flexible production, strong motility and little requirement towards production sites.

7. Mixing various colors auxiliary materials catalyst, can optimize production phase of different raw material output, hardness, color and product quality, meanwhile keep high metering accuracy, prevent from waste.  


Ⅲ. Features:

1. The mixing head uses the mechanical new seal; through the computer, the casting sets automatic rotation, movement and lift.

2. Different casting amounts and formulations can be stored for the convenience of use in next time.

3. The color and hardness of polymer can be changed from one component to multiple components, to simultaneously maintain the accuracy and quality of the cast product. Color can be added to multiple components according to customer requirements.

4. Independently control the temperature of all piping system and mixing system; the German high-precision flow meter monitors the casting amount and independently controls circulation pressure inside the tubes of each component.

5. The raw material tank adopts the hot air circulation of electric heating(patented technology), which makes heating faster, efficient, energy saving, safe and environmental.

6. The device has function of automatic detection of pressure, temperature, flow, open and closed loop etc; it will automatically determine when there is abnormity, diagnose, give alarm and display abnormal factors in words.


Ⅳ. Application:

Apply to all kinds of rubber roller, high load solid core wheel, sieve plate, hydraulic sealing ring, photovoltaic guide pulley and other high wear- resistant material.

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