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Two colours precision sole forming machine

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Product Category:Two tone precise sole forming machine

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Product Detail

Product Classification:

The equipment is fit for making various single-and-double color polyurethane sole and one-off connectionupper forming shoes, such as high or middle grade leather shoes, casual shoes, tour shoes, etc.

Ⅱ.Functions and features:

1. Pouring head: good mixture performance, synchronous feeding material, never plug and long lifespan.

2 Oil heating system with constant-temperature to make quality stable and reliable.

3. Drying tunnel annular type production line, with automatic temperature control system. Running speed of the production line can be adjusted.

4. System is equipped reasonably. 

5. Maintenance is convenient.

Pouring head: 

-Precise needle valve device.mechanical seal, injection material synchronization, never plug, well stirring, precise measurement.

-One-button operation, simple and easy, instantly switch to a different colors; same material can produce different densities, easy to operate.

Material tank:

Inner container is stainless steel, conduction oil interlayer and outer rigid polyurethane foam insulation, standard capacity is 120L, automatically control motor-driven stirrer to ensure quality of raw materials temperature is stable.

Raw material oven

Infrared heating, automatically control temperature, keep constant temperature in the oven. It is possible to provide 36 small barrels of original liquid.

Ⅲ. Application:

All kinds of footwear production industries and fields.

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