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Electric Ovens is mainly used for PU curing, drying and dehydrating materials , drying of film, preheating mold of polyurethane, melting for raw material and other polyurethane industries.

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Product Detail

I.Product Models: HX

1.This hot air circulation tray dryer has wide range of application, as general drying equipment can dry all kinds of materials.
2.Hot air circulation tray dryer has the advantages of small noise, stable movement, automatic temperature control, easy installation and maintenance.
3.Drying trolley can be manufactured with mobile type, easy to move out for cleaning and maintenance.

II. Functions and Features:

1. Intelligent digital display temperature regulator and temperature sensor makes it stable and reliable.

2. Use the hot  air circulation; the temperature indication controller can control the temperature inside drying tunnel and make it stable at any point within the range of 45-200℃, ensuring that the temperature difference of different regions inside the oven within±1℃.

3. Reliable and sensitive control system; multiple protection devices are set, working as protection in case of short circuit, over-temperature and timing, which makes it more secure and more reliable.

4.An oven thats sized and custom designed to satisfy your unique PU applications.
5.Heating molds, curing and post curing cast parts .

6.Force evenly, providing the smooth operation of equipment.

7.Imported bearings, reducing the radial runout error of equipment.
8.When the drum rotates, the hot air ciurcualtion system and heat inside the oven circulate with the blades to make the temperature of the inner wall of the drum uniform and improve the performance of the film.

III. Application:

All kinds of rubber roller, high load solid core wheel and mine sleve plate etc in metallurgy, printing ,dyeing, textile, mining and paper making industry.

Preheat fusion or CPU(PU) products post curing of polyurethane mould, roller core and material, such as industry rubber covered roller, trundle, hydraulic sealing ring, automobile steering shaft ball bowl,photovoltaic guide wheels etc.

ZeCheng 's electric ovens are designed for heating molds, curing and post curing cast parts or for heating raw materials in drums.By using hot air circulation throughout all levels of the oven, all components are brought to a temperature up to 200 ℃ homogeneously and very quickly.

IV. Product Parameters:


Work temperature(℃)

Total power(KW)

Fan power(KW)




Room temperature-200





Room temperature-200





Room temperature-200





Room temperature-200






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