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Product Detail

Ⅰ. Product Classification:

The machine is suitable for making line of large batches, such as foaming of automobile and motorcycle seats and automobile inner decorations.

Ⅱ. Functions and Features:

1. Diameter of rotary disc ranges from 2m to 12m.
2. The rotary disc is driven by the speed reducer, and the speed adopts stepless speed adjustment by the frequency converter.
3. Hydraulic or pneumatic die seat is set on the rotary disc for automatic mold opening and closing.
4. The robot automatic pouring or manual pouring is adopted.
5. The rotary disc is widely used for its features such as simple structure, high production efficiency, convenient maintenance etc..

Ⅲ. Application:
Hard, semi-hard or soft polyurethane products, motorcycle, car seat cushion, steering wheel, armrest, refrigerators, insulation materials, wood furniture etc.

1. Intelligent digital display meter, temperature error ≤±1 ℃.

2. Accurate metering: adopting high precision, low speed metering pump, with continuously variable transmission and precision digital tachometer, measurement accuracy error ≤±0.5 degrees.
3.Mixing device: mixing head is light and durable and easy to clean.

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