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Automated Material dispenser

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The automated Material dispenser is designed for processing a variety of CPU polyurethane materials in raw material preparation.

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Product Detail

Function and Features:

1. The operator simply places his container on the digital scale located under the valves and enters the total pour amount and the required ratio of the second component. 

2.The PLC computer will calculate the amounts of prepolymer and curative, then turnon the prepolymer valve and beginreading the changing value of the scale. 
3.When the required amount of prepolymer is transferred to the container, the prepolymer valve is closed and the curative valve is opened immediately. As soon as the calculated amount of curative is dispensed into the tank, the alarming system will tell the operator to retrieve the pale from the scale and manually mix the material and pour it in the molds.
4.The dispenser is easy to maintain and operate.

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