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Polyurethane Foam

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Polyurethane Foam (or PU Foam) is produced utilizing synthetic materials and truly heated to form the completed foam. Its center preference over different materials is its low cost of production, which has helped it turn into the standard decision in the furniture and the automobile industry. Its inalienable structure allows its cell walls to compress and decompress giving the required cushioning and softness.

Polyurethane Foam (also known as poly-foam) is the slightest costly and lowest quality foam utilized as a part of mattresses and double bed mattress . People are frequently acquainted with polyurethane foam as the sort of foam utilized as a part of sofa cushions or cheap "egg crate" mattress toppers. Polyurethane foam is made up fundamentally of compounds got from petrochemicals.

Numerous mattress manufacturers utilize polyurethane foam as the best layer of spring mattresses. This is done principally in light of the fact that polyurethane is extremely economical, not on the grounds that it is high quality. More recently, numerous online mattress retailers have started utilizing polyurethane foam as a base layer in their mattresses instead of utilizing spring coils. Polyurethane foam can be packed effectively because of its low thickness. This allows numerous online mattress retailers to save money on delivery cost when customers  buy mattress online buy but also makes a large portion of these mattresses have short lifespans.

How does it compare with other mattress types?


  • Standardized Quality: polyurethane foam mattress is made in a controlled environment, empowering standardized quality and allowing customers to pick the firmness level they fancy.
  • Various Options: PU Foam can be made in different densities and different firmness choices. This gives the flexibility to make precisely to the customer's comfort needs
  • Non-Allergic: PU foam is basically a form of plastic, it is inert and hypoallergenic
  • Price: PU foam mattresses offer great value for cash, considering its durability versus price
  • Lightweight: In contrast with alternate mattress alternatives, PU Foam mattress' are lighter in weight and less demanding to deal with
  • Ease of Storage: PU Foam is a perfect decision when looking for spare mattresses to oblige visitors at home since it can be easily folded and stored when not being used.

Quality angles to search for:

  • Density: As a thumb rule the more prominent the density, more strong the mattress will be. It is prescribed to purchase just 32D/40D/Rebonded Foams (80D)
  • Purity: Different virtue levels are utilized as a part of assembling the foam. While the virtue level is something most manufacturers don't unveil, you can undoubtedly recognize the difference in purity between similar densities by feeling the foam. The purer foam will be stronger contrasted with the filler-filled foam.

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