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2019, Russia International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition

Date:2019-04-29 09:39:25 Views:985

2019, April 23 - April 25,


In 2019,  the International Polyurethane Industry Exhibition was held at the Russian International Exhibition Center. The exhibition was hosted by the "MIREXPO" exhibition company, and professional journals such as "Polyurethane Technology" provided strong media support for the exhibition. The annual exhibition is the only international exhibition in Russia with polyurethane as its main exhibit. The exhibition directly displays the latest scientific and technological achievements and products in the field of polyurethane. Its main purpose is to promote the development of polyurethane material industry and trade relations, strengthen the exchange of science and technology, and expand the application range of polyurethane materials. During the exhibition, including international famous companies such as DOW and BAYER, the exhibition mainly focused on the polyurethane production, processing and application of polyurethane technology and materials. At the same time, experts and scientists in the field of polyurethane materials discussed the design, operation, update and scientific experience in the production process of polyurethane materials, so that new technology can be better applied to the polyurethane production process. 

The organizers of the exhibition also released a large number of the latest market information, so that exhibitors and visitors can fully understand the latest development trends and developments in the polyurethane market. The application of polyurethane in Russia mainly involves construction, machinery manufacturing, automobile construction, railway transportation (including automobile manufacturing), aircraft transportation, pipeline transportation, electrical engineering, consumer goods manufacturing, footwear, medicine, furniture, chemical, mining, metallurgy, etc. field. 

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