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2018 European International Polyurethane Exhibition

Date:2019-01-02 03:03:20 Views:1840

May 29th to 31st, 2018

In 2018, the European Polyurethane Exhibition! was held at the Maastricht International Convention and Exhibition Center in the Netherlands.  More than 200 manufacturers participated in the exhibition, presenting in the polyurethane industry. The polyurethane industry exhibition has attracted more than 5,000 professional visitors to the European Polyurethane Industry Summit and Trade Show.

Zecheng Electromechanical Equipment company is one of the exhibitors and introduced comprehensive solutions for polyurethane equipment to customers from all over the world. Our company has developed newly polyurethane elastomer casting machine, foaming machine equipment series are energy saving, convenient maintenance, wide ratio range, homogeneous mixing, no bubbles, accurate measurement. Our service not only helps customers easily produce the ideal product but also provides a one-stop solution for technical problems.

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