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Polyurethane high pressure foaming machine

I. Product Classification

This type of the machine is fit for making automobile cushion, pillow, steering wheel, bumper, guide plate, instrument board, day board, armrest, motorcycle cushion, bicycle cushion,

heat preservation material, refrigerator, furniture and decoration material.

Ⅱ. Functions and features

1.The L type mixing head component can be homogeneous mixing in the mixing chamber.

2.High -pressure mixing head can be vertically or horizontally mounted ,suitable for both open and closed mould of pouring .Made up of hydraulic valves ,nozzle and component calibration system.

3.When high pressure cycle is executed before measuring, the piston spray needle can be used to set the desired working pressure.

4.Mixed control rods which control each component, at the same time open and close, make the raw material mix evenly.

5.The mechanical cleaning of the mixed head is operated jointly by the control rod and the cleaning rod.

6.Humanized and easy to maintain,high efficient and simple in any production scenario,hydraulic-driven,self-cleaning and cost saving;in the process of measurement ,components can be directly calibrated;high mixing precision ,repeatable mixing uniformity;accurate and strict control of components.

7.The imported PLC control system, monitor the equipment control system will automatically display abnormal discriminant factors of abnormal diagnosis and alarm; with pressure and temperature, liquid level, flow functions such as automatic detection; automatic detection with flow, open and closed loop function.

Ⅲ. Application

Rubber roller, high load solid core wheel, sleve plate, hydraulic seal ring, photovoltaic guide pulley wear-resistant materials in metallurgy, printing, dyeing, spinning, mine, paper-making industry.

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